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Tibetan Mastiff

I have been employed as a guard dog and herder for many years because of my intimidating size, and I am quite good at what I do, but I donít have the ferocity of most of the mastiff types.

I am actually a docile sort, as long as folks behave themselves and donít try to do anything mean to my people family.

Obedience training would come in handy so that we could learn to communicate with each other and I could understand what you expect of me.

My size keeps me from being a house pet, but I enjoy being around people when I am not working.

My coat is thick and double and comes in black, black and tan, brown, and various shades of gold or gray.

When fully grown, I am between 22 and 28 inches tall (55.9 to 71.1 centimeters) and I weigh between 130 and 180 pounds (58.5 to 81 kilograms).

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