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My ancestors have worked as flock guardians in our native Hungary for a very long time. I am told that various Tibetan, Turkish, and Hungarian breeds were crossbred to produce my breed as it is known today.

No matter what you have that needs to be watched and protected, I am one of the best qualified for the job.

My instinctive guardian type personality, combined with an ingrained independence, make early obedience training an abosolute must if I am to socialize with family members and learn the proper rules of behavior for a pet.

With firm, kind direction, I can be a valuable family member. I am much happier with lots of outdoor exercise, so country living is best for me.

When fully grown, I am between 22 and 26 inches tall (55.9 to 66 centimeters) and I weigh between 80 and 120 pounds (36 to 54 kilograms).

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